Day 10: Rest day in South London

These #twitternotes were originally posted 22 September 2019 on Day 10 of fieldwork in London. These tweets describe my much needed rest day in South London. The thread can also be accessed on twitter.

1/  Day 10. London. Followed the smell of breakfast down the street and into The Electric Elephant Café. About all I have the energy for is to read my brochure on the pebbles of Dover beach. I am not being facetious, it is excellent. I have already identified all of my pebbles.


2/ Peter Gabriel’s ‘Games without frontiers’ is playing over a backdrop of sizzles and the café owner + cooks are discussing the climate strike. Because of the strike, the owner has decided to go vegetarian. A full vegetarian English breakfast is ridiculous. This is food for a day.

3/ Off for a wander. The area around Elephant & Castle is such a fascinating mix of architecture and atmospheres. Phone away for a bit, going to explore.

4/ After a long meandering walk around the neighbourhood in daylight, I realised that I have been here before. And I have been to The Electric Elephant Café before. My good friends used to live the next street over + I stayed with them. #visualmemory #serendipity #kennington

5/ Had very restful day in South London. A morning walk through soft rain and soft sounds, collecting textures and palettes. A Sunday afternoon nap, a cup of tea, and a little writing in bed as inspiration struck.

6/ I would move to the UK for the gardens alone. I love all the colours and disarray of autumn gardens, full of splayed open seed pods and pale hues of crispy, dried out leaves and stems. Smells so nice in the rain too.

Emma Arnold