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Welcome to the LAX LAB international, virtual book club. The diverse participants currently span three continents and seven countries and include academics across a range of disciplines as well as architects, activists, artists, environmental scientists, students, teachers, translators, and more. In small groups, we are exploring classic and contemporary works of fiction, with emphasis on science-fiction, climate fiction, and speculative fiction. We take these works as departures to discuss the climate crisis, visions of the future, spaceships, and that kind of stuff. The book club is an experiment in how we might think through prescient issues with art.

The book club was featured in an article on climate fiction by Anna Colivicchi for euronews.

Watch this space to follow along in the shadows and see what we’re reading and discussing.

Please support local, independent bookshops and libraries.



Welcome to the LAX LAB book club library. On the shelves here you’ll find the books we are reading and have read. Click the book to read a brief synopsis and explanation for selecting the book. You will also find discussion questions and other resources such as further readings.