[8] Dreamland by Rosa Rankin-Gee

Book Cover: [8] Dreamland by Rosa Rankin-Gee

BOOK: Dreamland
AUTHOR: Rosa Rankin-Gee
YEAR: 2021
PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster

Our eighth book will be Dreamland by Rosa Rankin-Gee. It is a newly published work of climate fiction that takes place in a not-so-distant future Britain that is marred by political extremism, widening social inequalities, and rising seas. It is an apocalyptic coming-of-age story set in Margate on the southeast coast of England. Writer Sharlene Teo describes the novel as ‘a love letter to the waning magic and melancholy of British seaside towns’. A more in-depth summary of Dreamland will follow.

More information coming soon!

Emma Arnold